Urban Renewal Woodstock is an upscale women's consignment boutique located just minutes from the downtown Woodstock area.

Urban Renewal Woodstock

Fashion is an integral part of who we are as individuals.Clothing can be transformative, elevating and fun.
But garment production is also one of the main contributors to environmental pollution. Garment production not only abuses people in developing countries, but it also dumps tons of chemical waste into our rivers and oceans.
Luxury consignment shops allow you to buy high-end, high-quality items for a fraction of their original retail value. These items are typically, not always, pre-loved, AKA: second hand. Though you can also find brand new, fresh from the shelf luxury goods too!
You will help continue that item's life cycle, slow down the demand for fast fashion, and you will be investing in a high quality piece that will last for years!

Looking forward to seeing you at Urban Renewal Woodstock!